600 MT powerhead Upright tool

6oo MT.jpg

The 600-MT is an accessory used to hold the powerhead upright for final assembly. This tool is a favorite for any Mercury dealer. The 600-MT can be used with the 600-A.  

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600B-1 Base Adapter

6oo B.jpg

600B-1 Base Adapter
This Kerr Marine bench mount base adapter will hold all lower unit and powerhead fixtures. The 600B-I is a requirement in order to use our 400 and 600 series.

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400TR-1 Lower Unit Fork

400TR NEW.jpg

The 400TR-1 Large Lower Unit Fork fits most stern drives and outboards 50 HP and up. The design allows the swivel pipe to attach to left or right side. Steel construction.

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400TR-2 large lower unit fork


The Kerr Marine 400 TR-2 is a Large Lower Unit Fork for Mercruiser, Cobra & Large Outboards. Steel and adjustable. The Forks spread apart.

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600-SE small engine bracket

6oo SE.jpg

The Kerr Marine Tool 600-SE Small Engine Bracket is a small engine bracket to be used with the 600-B-1 on a work bench or 601 floor stand . Capacity: 25 HP

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600-A Powerhead holder


The 600-A Powerhead Holder is used for outboard powerheads ranging from 35 HP to V-6 outboard blocks. When using with a 600-B-1, it can be rotated 360°. For use with the V-6 engines. Fingers are constructed with steel.

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50-A Kerr Arc Pliers

50 A Kerr Pliers UNA.jpg

50-A Kerr Arc Pliers
Micro adjustments for expanding and contracting large snap rings. Improved Kerr Arc pliers will not twist under strain. One pair of tips are furnished with pliers.

For replacement tips, order #50-T

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ss-1 space saver

SS-1 Space Saver.jpg

SS-1 Space Saver
The SS-1 Space Saver will hold all lower units and stern drives. Pivoting plates allow bottom to close tight against the skeg for a positive lock. Casters allow for easy maneuvering. Perfect for storage. Can be bolted together.

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70-c combination puller

70-C puller.jpg

70-C Combination Puller
The Kerr Marine 70-C Combination Puller is for pulling OMC & Mercury lower unit bearing carriers. 
Pilots - #1, #2 & #3 are included with 70-C Puller.  

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For replacement hooks, order #70 H 


Replacement Pilots are available for #70-C Pullers. Reference the Pilot number below when ordering.  
Pilot #1 - OMC
Pilot #2 - OMC V-6 & V-8, Mercury
Pilot #3 - Mercury V-6
Pilot #4 - (not included with purchase of #70 combination puller) is for Yamaha & Suzuki

80-A Prop puller

80-A Prop Puller.jpg

80-A Prop Puller
The 80-A is a heavy duty marine prop puller built for salt water use.

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80 Replacement pilot for Legacy 80 Prop Puller and 80-A Prop Puller 

400-M Upper Gearcase Holder

400 M.jpg

400-M Upper Gearcase Holder
The 400-M Upper Gearcase Holder is for Alphas, Bravos, OMC Cobra, Yamaha and Volvo. Adjustable to fit most stern drives.

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